These are all my own dumps, generally made with an XGecu TL866II Plus or T56 EPROM burner.

Laser 128

“Old” models have a metallic silver/gold badge with black lettering that says “LASER 128 PERSONAL COMPUTER”. “New” models have a badge that says “/// LASER 128”, “/// LASER 128EX”, or “/// LASER 128EX/2”, with LASER in red.

Versions <= 3 are for old models. Versions >= 4 are for new models.

There may be some hardware variation even within the model lines. For example, a 4.5 ROM does not appear to work properly on my 6.0 system.

Description Size Download md5
Laser 128 “old” 2.9 (870203) 32KB Laser128_2.9.bin ab56da2efb6d76b8828ad887d7b1d7ee
Laser 128 “new” 4.2 (870917) 1 32KB Laser128_4.2.bin 33a00a2c406657e6b6e3831c1f17f4b7
Laser 128 “new” 4.3 (871222) 32KB Laser128_4.3.bin c24583e008b13e2d18427fa01978072b
Laser 128EX 6.0 (890214) 32KB Laser128_6.0.bin bca4d7e5e310d28771b9a7adcd45d253
Laser 128EX/2 6.1 (891229) 1 32KB Laser128_EX2_6.1.bin 6f5c9182a531a3e7dce2dbdcd37afb57

Unknown Apple IIe clone

This is an unknown Apple IIe clone. It operates virtually identically to a real IIe, aside from the tweaked copy of Apple’s ROM. It has a single 128Kbit CF ROM like the Platinum IIe, but came to me in an unenhanced state. It appears to take fine to an ad-hoc enhancement kit being installed.

Description Size Download md5
System ROM (CF) 16KB iie_clone_main.bin 625915196fca3a9464c2386cdc16f065
Keyboard ROM 2KB iie_clone_keyboard.bin 349390abf60bbef4b59b47341e829905
Video ROM 4KB iie_clone_video.bin 2fbc2be2a84ea742de37be9925c7d7cd

RamFAST SCSI revision D

The RamFAST revision D actually has two ROMs, one for the Z/80 side (which is socketed), and one for the 6502 side (which is surface-mount).

Description Size Download md5
Z/80 ROM 2.01 (S/N 3425) 32KB RamFast_SCSI_RevD_2.01_SN_3425.bin a0eaee121636321c7547e4d250de51a6
Z/80 ROM 3.00 (S/N 1422) 32KB RamFast_SCSI_RevD_3.00_SN_1422.bin 90cbabb6a9494d18834f0a6997de6adc
Z/80 ROM 3.00 (S/N 3721) 32KB RamFast_SCSI_RevD_3.00_SN_3721.bin 4539debec1e56b4dbf6652915e3c2863
Z/80 ROM 3.01E 32KB RamFast_SCSI_RevD_3.01E.bin f38fb1fa7c606ed0f8da2dee9e95415d

Videx Videoterm clone

This card was sold to me as a Taiwanese clone 80 column card. It appears to be basically the same a Videx Videoterm, except that the composite cable is soldered directly to the board instead of there being a jumper header. The board layout is not quite 1:1 but it is close.

The first ROM is likely the slot ROM, like a real Videoterm. It doesn’t correspond to the only version I can find online (2.4) but I imagine it is just an earlier version. The second ROM is the standard character set, and the third ROM is some sort of line/box drawing character set. It doesn’t correspond to the version I see circulating online though there are similarities.

Description Size Download md5
ROM 1 (code) 1KB Videx_Clone_ROM_1.bin 0390a96189ec4d8a5f7f355b9d1bf5f1
ROM 2 (main character set) 2KB Videx_Clone_ROM_2.bin 4a86ea38cfa898829f92fc0866e8305c
ROM 3 (extended character set) 2KB Videx_Clone_ROM_3.bin 46f1d65bc174e7621885c9fc9e0b4fa1

Apple ImageWriter II

This is the ROM from the “new” Apple ImageWriter II logic board (“new” being the one that supports the optical paper sensor). The chip is branded TEC, as is every single thing on the board. Specifically it reads “TEC 7247-A137 EC-A137 8706EB1 JAPAN © ‘85 Apple Computer, Inc.” The chip is at position IC11 on the board, and is soldered in place.

Description Size Download md5
New ImageWriter II ROM 32KB ImageWriter2_new.bin 190ca4b91ada21d28f32379cf8bc5a7e


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